Super Mario Flashback is a fangame that works to combine the mechanics of 2D and 3D Super Mario titles. It's being developed by Mors with music composed by Can of Nothing.


● 3 different playable characters. (And 3 secret ones.)

● 8 huge worlds based on older Super Mario games.

● 36 Power Stars.

● 12 Tusk Bucks.

● Tons of power-ups.

● An unlockable minigame.

● A beautiful soundtrack with awesome visuals.

● 1280x720 resolution and 60FPS frame rate.

● Full Xbox 360 controller support.


The latest demo features only 6 power stars, however later demos will have more Power Stars.


The game also has Tusk Buck support. Tusk Bucks are virtual currencies which can be used in different fangames. Unfortunately, Tusk Bucks are currently not available on the current demo of Super Mario Flashback.


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Download the SAGE demo from here!




System Requirements

OS: Windows Vista, 7, 8 or 10 (will also be available for OS X and Ubuntu)

Memory: 2 GB RAM

DirectX: Version 9.0c

Hard Drive: 50 MB available space








Mario is a fat but brave plumber and he has appeared in over 100 games since his first adventure. Mario is most known for saving Princess Peach from Bowser and saving the world for 30 years. He doesn't have any special abilities, but he is the most balanced character in the game.

Pros: Balanced. | Cons: None.




Luigi is Mario's brother who is younger, taller and thinner than him. He has the highest and farthest jump and some people consider him better, even through he has the worst traction. He is also not as brave as Mario but he is sure that he will get the attention which he deserves.

Pros: Jumps higher. | Cons: Has low traction.




This little guy who wears a mushroom cap is Toad. He and Toadsworth are Princess Peach's attendants and protectors. He plays really similar to Mario but he is a little bit faster than him. To be able to play with Toad, you need to unlock him.

Pros: Walks faster. | Cons: Sprints latest.



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